Project Cambodia


Details of the Project

Administrative Geography

The Project

The “Commercial Zone” will provide:

  • The buidings will be fully funished ready to move into.
  • The town will be self-sufficient, producing fresh water and power from natural resources and village waste.
  • Urban infrastructure as well as Recreational, Educational, Retail and Industrial facilities
  • All Human waste and garbage will be recycled and utilized to generate employment, energy, profit and income.
  • Fresh purified water from the lake and river will provide families and the settlement with water; all excess water will be sold locally and internationally
  • Income producing activities, such as aquaculture, agriculture and labour intensive schemes will be established to help provide income to the residents.
  • Extraction and sale of fish, mines and other products from natural sources of Battambang Province will earn export dollars for the government and support ongoing development and financing costs

UP-EMPOWER INVESTMENT GROUP and EXCLUSIVE PRECINCT (L) LTD its funders are committed to developing and financing this whole project. It is however essential that the Cambodian Government actively supports this project in a constructive way. This support is essential in terms of poltical and practical support.

We are seeking from the Cambodian Government:

  • A project development support directive to all relevant Cambodian Government Departments.
  • A letter of support to UP-EMPOWER INVESTMENT GROUP and EXCLUSIVE PRECINCT (L) LTD from the Government of Cambodia.
  • The provision of a suitable site for the project. A total of 200 to 300 hectares is required including land and watering areas.
  • Full PEZA and BOI accreditation for the entire district land and watering areas.

Negotiations with the Cambodian Government for the granting of these economic incentives for the project are underway.

Memorandum of Agreement for the construction of the Commercial Zone Project is being finalized. This document will clearly outline the role of all parties and their commitments to the project.

Project of General Infrastructure Design

We believe that we have achieved this and more! The city precinct is resident friendly with an open plan feel.

The design of Satellite City is Urban Contemporary with a modular style. The design feature has allowed us to develop one basic module that can be transposed on lake, sea or land with the same amount of open space available to all residents.

The city modules have been designed to permit access for emergency service vehicles to any part of the city including the mountains, lake, etc. based modules via a system of trafficable roads and module access ways.

Income Producing Project

The project in its entirety is a combined effort from many separate companies from around the world who will supply and design, construction materials and various components for the buildings. In addition, the companies involved in the project will supply ongoing manufacturing and export potential to the area, creating skills, employment and income for local people.

A Project Management Group will be appointed the Total Project Managers and shall coordinate the various stages of the project. The project is privately financed and underpinned by purchase contracts from UP-EMPOWER INVESTMENT GROUP and EXCLUSIVE PRECINCT (L) LTD.

Structural Components, Assembly and Applications

UP-EMPOWER INVESTMENT GROUP and EXCLUSIVE PRECINCT (L) LTD require a lightweight typhoon proof construction system. These design requirements have been met.

This design is designed to provide a cost effective that is monolithically protected from water penetration and potentially harsh weather conditions typically experienced in a tropical or marine environment.

Description of Project Management

This project is broken up into seven skill areas:

Building and Civil Construction

This is further broken up into nine supplier points (The position on the ladder is not indicative of level of importance).

  • Town Planning
  • Architect
  • Home Construction
  • Road Construction
  • Industrial Building Construction
  • Shopping Centres
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Fit out

Essential Services

This is broken up into seven supplier points.

  • Power
  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Communications (Telephones and Scada Systems)
  • Reticulation (Water and Sewerage)
  • Chlor Alkaloid Production
  • Bottled Water Production

Water Recycling

This is broken into ten supplier points.

  • Waste collection
  • Sorting Equipment (Conveyors etc)
  • Combustible Processing (Bagging equipment and conveyors)
  • Aluminium processing equipment
  • Glass Processing equipment
  • Plastic processing equipment
  • Oil Recovery processing equipment
  • Steel Collection (Shredders, compactors, cranes etc)
  • Tyre Shredding equipment
  • Concrete crushing and screening equipment


This is broken into six supplier points.

  • Horticulture
  • Flora culture
  • Earthworks (the same supplier may be used for all site earthworks)  Irrigation
  • Processing (food and animal processing equipment)


As the type of aquaculture i.e. soft shell crab, fish, prawns etc may require more than one equipment supplier we have broken this into.

  • Fish type 1
  • Fish type 2 etc
  • Processing

Other Industries

  • Vehicle purchasing (Trucks, Service Vehicles and domestic transport where required) a central purchasing group will enable better buying power.
  • Vehicle maintenance The provision of vehicle maintenance for all Council
  • Industries all other industries to be included in the project
  • Training facilities the provision of premises and venues for the training of operators they will liaise with the equipment suppliers.

Product Marketing

This is broken into ten marketing service providers. Whilst it is possible that one marketing group would be able to market all products it is also likely that product specialists may be employed in some areas.

Project Costs

Initial estimated project development and construction costs in USD are detailed below.

As indicated these are preliminary costs, however we believe them to be reasonably accurate given they are based on estimates provided by industry consultants, equipment manufactures, construction consultants, known cost of materials, fees and contingency requirements.

ItemCap Cost ($)
Waste Collection & Sorting6,597,600.00
Power Generation76,500,000.00
Water Production Domestic16,100,000.00
Wastewater Treatment Plant6,375,000.00
Sludge to Fertilizer3,825,000.00
Bottled Water1,500,000.00
Chlor Alkali118,481,284.00
Concrete S/H Equipment280,000.00
Glass Full Recycle3,400,000.00
Charges for services
Sufficiently Equipped Hospital5,000,000.00
Primary, Secondary and High Schools1,500,000.00
Manufacturing Plant30,000,000.00
Irrigation system40,000,000.00
Drainage, Reticulation20,000,000.00
Other infrastructure30,000,000.00
Project Management40,000,000.00
Provisional Sum40,000,000.00
Rough Estimate Costing332,600,000.00
Project of International Airport700,000,000.00
Project of International Express Road600,000,000.00
Project of International Seaport in Koh Kong600,000,000.00
Rough Estimate Costing1,900,000,000.00

Total Cost for the Whole Project: $ 2,469,629,884.00

Income Derived from the Project Per Year

An estimated income of $200 Million USD per annum should be possible from the sale of project bi-products, are detailed below. You should note that the indicated return identifies income derived from essential infrastructure that is: Water Desalination, Energy and Waste bi-products.

ItemReturnOp Costs PA ($)Gross Profit PA ($)
Waste Collection & Sorting400,120.00400,120.00
Power Generation4,380,000.004,380,000.00
Water Production Domestic14,235,000.0014,235,000.00
Wastewater Treatment Plant1,675,350.001,675,350.00
Sludge to Fertilizer5,840,000.001,129,800.004,710,200.00
Bottled Water94,900,000.0011,388,000.0083,512,000.00
Chlor alkali109,871,360.0018,750,000.0091,121,360.00
Concrete S/H Equipment1,095,000.00270,980.00824,020.00
Glass Full Recycle10,227,210.001,130,000.009,097,210.00
Charges for services10,810,810.001,200,000.009,610,810.00
Total Industry279,823,880.0059,760,613.00220,063,267.00