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Exclusive Precinct Group service investment via Trade, Project Funding, Project Investment, Gold buy / sell trades.

Exclusive Precinct Group trade via blocked funds, collateral and all bank instruments with Major investment offers.

Loans & Project Funding

The borrower who is capable of repayment ability to payback against their bank’s commitments to secure the issuance of an acceptable Banker’s Guarantee based on the applicant’s merits and good standing to repay the loan.

As for the special allocated loan and funding without Bank Guarantee or a Bank Commitment Payment Guarantee, this loan shall based on the merits, credit history, viability of the projects.

The Collaterals are Company’s background good track records, trustworthiness reputation good repayment records, merits and credit history.

This category type of funding is targeting and suitable for industrial sector, manufacturing sector, agriculture sector, Government Build & Transfer project and Agro Business within the private sector.

Bank Papers & Gurantees

Accepted Guarantor:

In order to be accepted an acceptable guarantor, The Acceptable Guarantor such as the Banks, Insurance Companies or other Guarantor must be able to show a minimum total asset of USD1Billion Dollars

Accepted Guarantee

Acceptable Guarantees are bank papers must be acceptable, irrevocable and unconditional and may include a SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit) Bank Letters Of Guarantee , Promissory note aval by a bank , Letters of Guarantees by Top Prime Insurance Companies