Humanitarian Services

EP Group Charity and Humanitarian Foundation (NGO)

Members of EP Group Charity and Humanitarian Foundation:

  1. EP Group Charity and Humanitarian Foundation (around the globe)
  2. Exclusive Precinct Group with Yayasan Tuanku Muhammad Pertama (Atjeh Darussalam)
  3. Associate Development Military Disabled Widow and Orphan (Cambodia)
  4. Exclusive Precinct Management (West Malaysia)

Facilities provided by above foundations through NGO strictly:
For Members:

  1. Membership with ep group charity and humantarian foundation in selected countries.
  2. Subsidised medical & hospital services only for members.
  3. Arrangement of facility for the pilgrims, only for members.
  4. Subsidised or free funeral service arrangement only for members in selected country only.
  5. Project financing for members, conditionally if benefit to the foundation, subject to board approval case by case.
  6. Free legal advice by experience lawyers who are member of the foundations.

For Members and Non-Members:

  1. Helping hand for the needy, includes widow, orphan, old folks, down syndrome patients and totally disabled all over the globe.
  2. Scholarship programme for the poor and with families below average standard of living in selected countries.
  3. Daily consumable items supply for families in need all over the globe.
  4. Disaster support and management team around the globe.
  5. Drug rehabilation centre in selected countries.
  6. Down syndrome and intellectually disabled school around the globe.
  7. Any other charity programme which requires support.

For animal welfare around the globe:

  1. We cater for the animal welfare under the prevention and cruelty to animals.
  2. We cater for the special medical attention for all animals.
  3. We will support the animal welfare groups around the globe.
  4. We will protect and save the extinction of the species.
  5. We will abide and respect all countries laws and condition pertaining to the animal welfare.

We are working on many other sectors to benefit the needy without requesting for any favor or support. We are solely managed non governmental organization (ngo).

We work with faith for the benefit of all whom need our service wholeheartedly with no conditions and without racial issues as we cater for all human beings and the welfare of the animals prevention and cruelty.

We welcome all foundations to join ep group charity and foundation to work hand on hand to serve the needy without interference with governments of any countries, their rules, regulations and laws.

Pls send your options to join via our ep group email at: